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Guests come first

In Castelli, guests come first!

It is your precious holidays we are proudly trusted with, therefore we try to get “in your shoes” and add different features to always make your stay even more enjoyable!

If we were you,
..we would like to be sincerely appreciated by the hotel, perhaps with some benefits,
..we would also like to know what previous visitors thought of their stay.. perhaps by taking a glance at the hotel’s guestbook?
..we would also like to get a chance to practice some basic Greek, before arrival, at our own pace,
.. and we would also love to know that there are extra amenities to use, on site, in case we need to!!…

Thank you for choosing Castelli for your holidays!


“We strive for excellence in everything we do at Castelli” , our guests wrote.
The truth is we honestly wholeheartedly care for every detail of your holiday, making sure you have a memorable stay.

It is our pleasure to share with you a sample of our guests’ comments, genuinely taken out of our Guest Book.

Greek Lessons

If we were you, we would like to get a chance to practice some basic Greek, before arrival, at our own pace.
“It’s all Greek to me” , you might have said many times.
If you follow our lessons, perhaps you’ll get closer to asking for your key in Greek, next time around! Hopefully you’ll enjoy the way they’re written.. every winter we get more advanced, and every summertime we practice! Join us!
For suggestions, please feel free to email us at [email protected]

“Don’t Pack it”

If we were you, we would also love to know that there are extra amenities to use, on site, in case we needed to!!
At your holiday home- from- home, we have now gone a step further…
If there is something you really like using at home, but do not feel like packing it, be sure to ask us.. .perhaps we’ve got it! And in that case, you’d be more than welcome to use it!
Or if you forget to pack it, just come at the reception and ask us.., chances are we’d be more than likely to be able to assist you!
(All stock does subject to availability, and most amenities are simply borrowed, at zero charge).
Next time you are thinking about packing, or you’ve just arrived and realized that you have forgotten something at home, then talk to us!
We have available: plug- adaptors, hair straighteners, diffuser hairdryer, curling iron, certain types of mobile phone chargers, iron & ironing board, extension cord, pool towels , etc!
And of course, don’t forget that in our guestrooms, together with the complimentary welcome quality bath products, we always include sewing kits and nail files!
Because guests come first!

Exclusive Club

At Castelli we feel that the most important asset of each organization is “its people”.
Thus we aim to reward our guests, whom we are particularly proud of!

In order to thank our guests for all the fine years we are their 1st choice, we strive to foresee all their needs, satisfy every request, and reward them with exceptional Philoxenia and professionalism; furthermore, since 2005, Castelli Hotel Exclusive Club was proudly formed.

Its object is to provide our valued loyal guests with discount on purchases within the premises, the privilege of choosing to stay at their favourite room (according to our availability), the priority of their booking dates, and various surprises according to each year’s policy.

Be our guest and check with us when you may become a member of Castelli Hotel Exclusive Club.
Dearest Guests, Friends, Thank you!