The most awarded hotel in Zakynthos island!
Welcome to Castelli - Your home away from home in Zakynthos island.

Castelli is a family run adults only boutique hotel, proudly, perhaps the most awarded hotel in Zakynthos island, in the Ionian Sea of Greece.

Established in 1992, Spiros and Anastasia built our hotel where their Love Story had begun, in the '60s, around the oldest eucalyptus tree of the island, (approximately 300 years old). This "Love Tree" captures all our guests' memories and protects your Love Wishes. This landmark is also a genuine expression of our sustainability philosophy.

Castelli has undergone major renovations, always as per our guests' feedback: Thank you!

Castelli is Green: We care for the local community, the environment, and we invite our guests to feel like locals. Our guests' Food Experience is enhanced by local sourcing and using our own production's organically grown products.

Your Local Experience means the world to us! Imagine crafts, cooking lessons, Greek dancing and hiking in the villages! ( Or just lay by the pool, it's up to you! )

Our hotel is known for its green practices , that bond smoothly with our professional modern amenities and our 4star services.

Did you know Zakynthos is the endangered Caretta Caretta favourite nesting area of the Mediterranean Sea, and also the home of the world-famous Shipwreck Beach?

Castelli Hotel is known for its home-from-home setting, balanced with your adults only discreet privacy and well-deserved holiday luxury: think of floating breakfast in your Swim Up room, pampering massages in the olive grove garden, and organizing your best anniversary surprise for your loved ones!

What if you've found your next favourite place to forget about everything, and let our team take care of the rest?

If you wish to be active, Castelli's bike tour is a good idea to start!

If you wish to sleep in, Breakfast in Bed sounds good! Did I mention we're very proud of our Sleep Experience too?

If you wish to find your balance, join our yoga classes in the garden!

If you just wish to forget it all, we'll take care of that too!

Welcome to your Castelli!