Cultural Zante

Ιt is well known that Zakynthos has been a cradle of literature and the arts; while the largest part of Greece tote under the Turkish yoke, other countries occupied Zakynthos throughout the centuries, thus our island was fortunate to evolve following purely Greek, and European influences, not hesitating to process ideas that were coming from the West. Sensing this intellectual freedom, the Zakynthians with their own unique artistic temperament were ready to accept the new ideas, and grow, to create one of the most important cultural centers of the modern Greek history. The civilization, which flourished in Zakynthos for a very long time, gave excellent examples, notably in the fields of theater, music, poetry, literature, dance, painting and architecture.

Nowadays, apart from studying about the Zakynthian culture and arts, and coming across personalities such as Solomos, Kalvos and Foskolos, and terms like Omilies (a typical theatrical performance held at villages), Arekia ( a unique musical expression), one may actually join the various cultural events that are being held while on holidays! There are special traditions kept during Christmas, December’s celebration of Agios Dionysios, our unique Easter celebrations, and of course the Carnival.

Nevertheless, during the summer months that you’d be enjoying your holidays at Castelli, one may take up the chance to one of the concerts or plays at Zakynthos
Open Theater, or simply visit one of the festivities, at the heart of traditional Greece, that are usually held, such as:

  • May 3rd, at Machairado village: the feast of Saints Timothy and Maura is celebrated.
  • May 21st: a local festival, celebrating the year 1864 that the Ionian Islands were joined to Greece.
  • June 24th : feast of St. – Giannis Klidonas, (The night before, the locals light fires in dry grass and jump over them for good luck- the tradition is related to the 12 Gods of Ancient Greece)
  • July 17th: celebrations at the village Fagia ( Agia Marina)
  • July: a whole weekend of celebrations for the feast of Saint Ioannis Theologos at the village of Lithakia (according to the calendar, the feast would be in May, nevertheless as all the habitants would like to participate, and the children truly enjoy this event, it’s organized in July that schools are closed and all locals may join in!)
  • July 22nd: a beautiful festival takes place in the village Maries’, escorted by the sound of “tampourloniakarou”, as St. Mary Magdalene is celebrated, which spread Christianity to the island in the year 34 AD
  • July 26th: the two-day festival of Agia Paraskevi in the mountain village of Saint Leo. Similarly folk festivals take place this day at the villages Volimes and Belushi.
  • July 31st : the district Sand of Zakynthos town has invented the popular custom of “malliari” (meaning woolly), where the habitants dip in the sea at midnight and bring out grassy stones, which guard, then in their homes for good luck.
  • August 15th: there are festivals for Virgin Mary at the church Faneromeni in the city and in the villages Katastari and Agios Dimitrios.
  • August 24th: St Dionysios, protecting the island of Zakynthos is celebrated for three days, with various events. The following weekend, a festival is held at the monastery of Anafonitria where the Holy Saint lived for 38 years.

Some of the festivities mentioned above are beautifully colored with music, typical dances and delicacies, or religious processions and visitors from the whole country!
We’ll be more than happy to provide you with relevant information, if you’d like to visit these festivities!

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f we were you, we would like to get a chance to practice some basic Greek, before arrival, at our own pace…
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If we were you, we would also love to know that there are extra amenities to use, on site, in case we needed to!!
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