Greek Lessons

f we were you, we would like to get a chance to practice some basic Greek, before arrival, at our own pace…
“It’s all Greek to me”, you might have said many times.
If you follow our lessons, perhaps you’ll get closer to asking for your key in Greek, next time around! Hopefully you’ll enjoy the way they’re written.. every winter we get more advanced, and every summertime we practice! Join us!
For suggestions, please feel free to email us at

“Don’t Pack it”

If we were you, we would also love to know that there are extra amenities to use, on site, in case we needed to!!
At your holiday home- from- home, we have now gone a step further…
If there is something you really like using at home, but do not feel like packing it, be sure to ask us.. .perhaps we’ve got it! And in that case, you’d be more than welcome to use it!
Or if you forget to pack it, just come at the reception and ask us.., chances are we’d be more than likely to be able to assist you!
(All stock does subject to availability, and most amenities are simply borrowed, at zero charge).

Next time you are thinking about packing, or you’ve just arrived and realized that you have forgotten something at home, then talk to us!
We have available: plug- adaptors, hair straighteners, diffuser hairdryer, curling iron, certain types of mobile phone chargers, iron & ironing board, extension cord, pool towels , etc!
And of course, don’t forget that in our guestrooms, together with the complimentary welcome quality bath products, we always include sewing kits and nail files!
Because guests come first!

New #2

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New #1

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  • We have added Hippos at all toilets (a special device for reducing water consumption 2-4 litres at each flush, without reducing water pressure).
  • Hot and cold water pipes are insulated.
  • We are using a drip system to water a part of our garden, and have planned to extend it.
  • We always water our gardens early in the morning or late in the afternoon.
  • All our water taps are one hand controlled (mixer).
  • All our members of staff are advised not to waste water and are involved in simple actions to support our environmental policy.
  • Cleaning of the rooms is done with warm water, so that less water is needed for the effective cleaning.
  • Staff is clearly trained to use concentrated detergents, only in producer’s suggested quantities.
  • We use a professional dishwasher at the breakfast buffet, to save on water and energy.
  • There is a clear policy for changing the guests’ towels, in order to economize on energy and water used.
  • We regularly monitor the quality of pool water.
  • Sewerage:contributed financially to building the municipality’s local sewerage network, to which we’ve been connected since 2005.
  • We have tried using eco-friendly detergents and try to find appropriate products in market, according to our needs and budget.
  • We constantly enhance our policy and we remain at our guests’ disposal for clarifications and suggestions.


  • All of our guestrooms have electricity saving system, controlled with a card, so all appliances are turned off once the guest is not in the room, apart from the fridge.
  • All guestrooms have a sensor at the balcony door to block the a/c function if the door is open.
  • All our guestrooms are equipped with split a/c units, individually controlled, and we urge our guests to reasonably use the thermostat, gradually lowering the temperature 3 degrees compared to outside temperature.
  • All our electrical appliances are systematically controlled by our service providers, so no energy is being lost.
  • Our hotel building enjoys large windows so indoor areas do receive adequate daylight, and we economize a lot on artificial lighting.
  • There are motion-sensor activated lights fitted in some outside areas of the hotel, and other exterior lighting is timer operated.
  • We urge our guests to reasonably use energy in the room, and not to leave appliances on a stand-by mode.
  • In indoors common use areas, air conditioning units are reasonably used, gradually lowering the temperature 2-3 degrees from outside temperature.


  • We use newspaper sheets instead of clothes, to clean the windows of the hotel, so we use less synthetic, and at the same time we reuse already produced materials.
  • We buy supplies in bulk when possible, so we do not waste packaging (paper napkins, buffet’ supplies, paper supplies, detergents, etc)
  • Cooking oil is recycled, given to be reused for soap making.
  • All paper rolls used are made of recycled paper.
  • We prefer recyclable packaging in all possible goods used, offered or sold.
  • We clearly avoid one-portion packages at buffet breakfast.
  • There is a clear recycling weekly schedule, in which all our staff participates.
  • There is a recycling bin for guests to use, encouraging them to separate their waste.
  • Soap provided in the public toilets is offered in the form of a liquid soap dispenser and not in single doses.
  • We always use both sides of printing paper when possible, and if not for printing, we cut it in four small pieces and use it for taking notes at the reception, office or bars, instead of using notepads or post-it notes.
  • We recycle batteries in a special container at the lobby.

Who we are

We strive to be the best at what we do, and grow, while treating our people and our environment in the best way possible.
A family run hotel that aims to provide quality services.
A unique hospitality hotel, with returning guests representing a significant part of the visitors.
The hotel that cares for every detail of your holiday, and makes you feel at home!
The hotel that offers exclusive use of all facilities and areas to our guests, as we always work towards one specific goal: creating a memorable colourful holiday experience.
The hotel that aims to operate at high standards with the lowest impact on the environment, while not making the guests less comfortable, or harming the local community.
The hotel that is perfectly clean, set in glorious green surroundings.

Local Community

  • We always prefer making our purchases from the local suppliers and producers, aiming at ensuring the sustainability of the community and promoting local products. Furthermore, local products mean less transportation energy used.
  • We have a farm of chickens, and a small production of fruits and vegetables; therefore organic waste of vegetable origin is used to feed the domestic animals, and the eggs that are produced are served at breakfast and the pool snack bar, and the guests are content being closer to the nature.
  • The olive groves that surround the hotel are not sprayed with toxic chemicals, and the pure virgin olive oil produced is used for baking the home made cake, served at breakfast, and also for serving salads at the pool snack bar.
  • Our hotel’s design, ambience, colours and surroundings maintain the nature’s colours and feeling, so all our guests may admire nature’s real beauties and traditional Zakynthian architecture.
  • We regularly donate plastic containers to locals, so they are reused, in works around the fields that they are necessary and the locals do economise. This way fewer containers are consumed also.
  • We have a door policy/curfew, so as our hotel is located at a quiet area, we do not attract guests that would create noise or disturb the nature’s life.
  • We have repeatedly donated hotel’s property (land) to the municipality, in order to minimise the tourism’s effect on local community; for the municipality to use the land and make the roads wider, so safer and better for transportation of locals, visitors and tourists’ transfers. Otherwise the village’s narrow roads may not handle the tourism’ traffic, and the locals are disturbed, so is the circulation.