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The Restaurant

Castelli’s new A La Carte restaurant serves Greek & Mediterranean dishes “with a twist” focusing on local recipes & organic ingredients. Most of the vegatables used in the Piscina dishes are produced in our vegetable farms, organic oriented (A large part of our farm is already certified as organic production) .

The olive oil that brings out this extra flavor in all our recpes is Castelli’s pure extra virgin olive oil, being produced from the olive groves in the area of the hotel.

The Opening hours: daily 19.00-23.00

Serves by the hotel pool, overlooking the inviting olive grove garden.

Homemade chicken dumplings with Greek pastry “feelo”, peppers, tomatoes & feta cheese.

Mamma’s small traditional pies with feta cheese and herbs from our garden

Grilled vegetable salad with bulgur and basil pesto

Spaghetti with sausage ragout, spinach, basil, mozzarella

Sauteed pork cooked with fruit (prunes, figs)
Pork neck chops with mustard, pickled cucumber, wild salad & rustic potatoes

Mamma’s beef: Tender beef, oven cooked with local herbs and veggies

Grilled chicken stuffed with spinach, juicy bacon, sundried tomato and aromatic basmati rice

Lamb chops with crispy pies sat on a base of vegetables with bulgur (or mashed potatoes)

Grilled calamari with a variety of boiled vegetables (or freshly mashed potatoes)

Grilled marinated bream with freshly grilled vegetables from our farm.

Greek juicy beef burger produced with our garden’s herbs and Castelli’s supreme olive oil, served with caramelized onions, roasted tomato and rustic fried potatoes

Day’s soup became a protagonist

Our homemade dips welcome you to a delightful dinner ,accompanied with our freshly baked breads.

Homemade desserts like … Yoghurt mousse with quince traditional sweet in syrup

The new menu is being created…Enjoy!