We are blessed to be situated in magnificent Zakynthos: picture gorgeous weather, long blonde sandy beach scenery, our cultural heritage very important, …
The island’s characteristics reflect instantly a holiday paradise. At the same time, we believe our guests would also enjoy learning more about the local community, thus adding more colour to their precious leisure time: taking walks around the scenic villages, be introduced to the endangered famous Caretta Caretta sea turtles that choose Zakynthos to lay their eggs, (perhaps even adopt a turtle…), visit the Castelli farm and get acquainted with the Greek nature’s wealth, taste the fresh fruit, or even pick olives with our team, and see how the local pure extra virgin olive oil is produced…not only taste it..
Would you like to add more colour to your holidays? Take a look at ideas we love…

- Caretta Caretta awareness: On the first chance given, we always inform our guests about Caretta- Caretta sea turtles, and the Marine Park of our area; it is vital for our island to preserve its nature and the species that choose Zakynthos to “lay their eggs” and spend their summer. Since the first years our hotel was established, we have been among the first businesses on the island to communicate facts and figures about the sea turtle protection of Greece, holding a weekly slide show projection, in cooperation with the voluntary organisation of the times. As from 2010 summer season, the Archelon volunteers hold a very interesting slide show presentation at our hotel, educating our guests regarding the Caretta Caretta species and the Marine Park; the presentation is embraced by the hotel’s guests. We kindly urge our guests to visit the turtles without disturbing their environment, and explain relative regulations and attractions (where and why beach umbrellas cannot be put on the sand, why speedy motor boats & water sports are banned from Laganas bay..)
- Tours at hotel gardens/farm: We organise garden field tours around the hotel’s gardens, so our guests may literally get in touch with our nature: visit the botanical garden, pick the fruit from the trees and taste it, see what the vegetable’s plants actually look like, (as usually one sees the tomatoes at the grocery’s shelf), see the baby chickens, find an egg freshly laid by the hen, and then taste it, freshly cooked by the pool bar, etc.., to actually get acquainted with the Greek nature and realise its richness.
- Olive picking: Weather permitting, we organise olive picking activities with our guests, which they look forward to! A small break to holiday unwinding, with some pure extra virgin olive oil as award/souvenir, new knowledge, and a lot of fun! And of course, all our guests ,by then, know well the superior quality of the Zakynthian pure extra virgin olive oil!
- Scuba Diving: How would you like to visit the rich colourful sea of Zakynthos, and meet the life underwater? We work with the best professionals (“Diver’s paradise”) and they promise us a great experience! Fun, unique sight seeing, exercise, even qualifications won. Free transfer. Different dives offered, both beginners and experienced divers enjoy it always! Bookable at your convenience, through reception. Prebooking available.
- Horse Riding: Family run, with decades of experience, nearby Castelli hotel . Horse riding offers great contact with nature, and depending on your background, things can get more athletic or not! Free transfer. Bookable at your convenience, through reception.