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The Restaurant

Castelli Hotel’s Eucalyptus Tree is the oldest of the island (approx. 250 years old) and is where it all begun: the Lougaris family used to have family celebrations around this Eucalyptus tree back in the years.
Spiros and Anastasia (the couple that started the Castelli Hotel Experience) had their early dates at the eucalyptus tree! It is our LOVE TREE!
So, proudly the Eucalyptos gave its name to our A La Carte Restaurant!
Our talented chef’s team creates dishes from farm to table, using our farms’ organic vegetables, our botanical garden’s herbs, Castelli Hotel’s pure extra virgin olive oil and the best ingredients of the market, and invites you over, for a special night. Every night!

Our menu is based on Zakynthian traditional recipes and our grandmothers’ traditions. All redesigned recipes, all dishes restructured.
Local ingredients used.
Delve into the culinary traditions of Zakynthos Island and enjoy local Greek Cuisine at its best!
Enjoy your unique privileges as Castelli Hotel guests!
EUCALYPTOS is the 1st restaurant of Zakynthos to offer traditional local dishes with a twist, in a romantic, adults-only poolside setting.

And the myth goes on…

Welcome Treat
Bread variety, Castelli’s organic olive oil & homemade dips
Soup of the day

Mini pastry balls with vegetables stir fry & tomato marmalade …7,00€
Local “Prentza” cheese brulė on a mushrooms bed …8,50€
Grilled vegetables with mustard seeds vinaigrette …9,00€
“Skordostoumpi”: Eggplants, potatoes, fresh tomato and gruyere cooked together in garlic. The old way _re-imagined …8,00€
Potatoes cooked with tomatoes & eggs: the Castelli way. Our summer favourite dish in Zakynthos …8,00€

“Vegetable garden” with corn cream & local ham chips (“heromeree”) … 9,00€
Greek salad “inside out” fusion style. Fresh whole tomatoes filled with Greek salad treats! …9,00€
Green salad with organic crithmum, marinated anchovies, black eyed peas & lemongrass vinaigrette …10,00€

Main Courses
Egg lemon soup: Our grandmother’s favourite recipe.
Made the old way using lemons and eggs from our farm.
Served with veal, poultry & vegetables …12,00€
Risotto with traditionally wine-flavored mushrooms …12,00€
Slow cooked pork tenderloin with caramelized chicory …11,00€
Rabbit cooked traditionally with tomato. Served with garlic roasted potatoes…12,00€
Lamb liver cooked the Zakynthian way in white wine, served with Zante’s favourite pasta in our own Castelli’s olive oil and garlic from our farm …12,00€
Chicken fillet with spinach, sun-dried tomato and “anthotyro” cheese Served with carrot-celery puree …10,50€
Beef meat payar with zucchini and organic crithmum hot salad . A rich dish …11,00€
Rib-eye with Zakynthos raisin sauce & ragout vegetables …15,00€
“Mousaka” inside out: Our style …9,50€
Seabream with chickpeas & mushrooms puree …13,00

“Risogalo” with pasteli & mandolato essence …7,00€
Vanilla ice-cream in a kataifi nest and rose jam …6,50€
Chocolate pie. Homemade with passion …7,50€
Sweet Explosion Show Cooking. A chocolate surprise, made of chocolate soufflé, white, dark and milk chocolate combined with caramel. (for 2 prs)
Created for you- at your table- by chef Paris…18,00

You can also download the menu here